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Serial monogamists are married off by 32 leaving defects and male shrews    12/16/17  (69)
One of the stable of alts finally revealed!    12/17/17  (68)
Mom put new husband ahead of me as beneficiary    12/17/17  (66)
Just bought 1 BTC worth of XVG    12/17/17  (63)
Official Billy Joe Saunders-David Lemieux thread    12/17/17  (49)
Is Tezos going to be YUGE    12/16/17  (46)
The Paul Ryan "it's offensive to offer people welfare" line is fucking dystopian    12/16/17  (46)
taking questions, abuse, etc (beckersted)    12/16/17  (46)
still no good explanation for Moore's loss    12/16/17  (45)
I'm prepared to gamble my entire net worth to escape wagecuckery    12/16/17  (40)
Any online publications like New Yorker but for 140+ IQ people?    12/17/17  (38)
Girl was flirty and nice again, but I can't seal the deal (evan39)    12/16/17  (38)
Resolved: Self-hating whites are most reprehensible people. Far worse than kikes    12/16/17  (37)
Trump lawyer: Mueller improperly obtained transition documents in Russia probe    12/17/17  (37)
Lawman8 here. Wastred, taking qs    12/17/17  (36)
About to hit 6 figures in BTC alone    12/16/17  (36)
10:37 p.m.: "Did u make it home ok?" 4:13 a.m.: "Yeah I did."    12/16/17  (36)
Indians and Persians are incredibly racist towards us Hispanics    12/16/17  (34)
Fared Zakaria in Wapo: GOP tax bill may be worst piece of legislation in history    12/16/17  (34)
#1 Crypto advice I can give you, I wish I knew earlier on    12/16/17  (33)
eastern europeans keep a CARP in their bath tubs for 1 week before christmas    12/16/17  (31)
ITT: I rate you as a town in ARE country    12/17/17  (29)
Final GOP tax bill actually 180 for me/solo attorneys. FUCKS wage cucks    12/16/17  (29)
Roy "I Love the Constitution" Moore didn't know what DACA was    12/16/17  (29)
Amateur investor here: how do marketcaps change?    12/17/17  (28)
Gf won't let me drink anymore after I got wasted a month ago. Now I can't sleep    12/17/17  (27)
Your grandma making your grandpa a christmas sweater, serving him cocoa    12/16/17  (27)
Star Wars Last Jedi was one of the top 3 Star Wars movies ever    12/16/17  (24)
anyone else riding cardano to $200 USD?    12/17/17  (23)
RATE the craziness of this chick after one date (texts)    12/17/17  (22)
I actually really enjoyed The Last Jedi. Fight me.    12/17/17  (22)
I still cant believe 95%+ of Americans dont do crypto    12/16/17  (22)
taco belll or panda express tonight ?    12/16/17  (22)
ATTN: sell cardano now. don't be stupid    12/17/17  (22)
Wait a sec, Moore hit on a 17-year old? Open borders it is then    12/17/17  (22)
what should i get my gf for xmas this year? i am poor and she is prole    12/17/17  (21)
Im afraid the shitlib wing of my firm is coming for me    12/17/17  (20)
Who is "The Atlantic" for    12/16/17  (20)
Gave away 500 business cards as a white elephant gift (CSLG)    12/17/17  (19)
New film- What's going on with Anaheim?    12/17/17  (19)
Lets list things we are grateful about    12/17/17  (19)
How mad is cowgod about my libarts education to software engineer career path?    12/16/17  (19)
Poast your phone background ITT    12/16/17  (19)
T level test - what would you do to this thick bikini model    12/16/17  (19)
boggles my mind that adults really believe in god and magic and shit    12/16/17  (19)
New to crypto- how do I store it?    12/16/17  (19)
i am white and would prefer to live in a white-only paradise country    12/16/17  (18)
america peaked in 1989    12/16/17  (18)
It's cheaper to fly to JAPAN + have MRI done than get one in the US    12/16/17  (18)