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Otto bro tried to hang himself and failed    06/25/17  (94)
This white girl goes from a 5 to a 7 with makeup    06/26/17  (67)
Getting a decent job in California is difficult as fuck    06/21/17  (57)
Reminder: 2/3rds of American adults are overweight; 1/3rd are Obese. Amazing    06/27/17  (50)
Pitbull mauls 2 young children in the back of a minivan    06/22/17  (41)
Rate this Asian escort I came in (NSFW)    06/25/17  (39)
On track to retire before 35    06/25/17  (38)
POLL: what size shirts you wear, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL    06/25/17  (37)
Who else is rooting for PeterBOI?    06/26/17  (34)
Chick goes from hot teen to blue haired tatted up pierced millennial freak (pic)    06/26/17  (31)
Rate these 15 yo girls from OC    06/27/17  (29)
Give up pslf for firm?    06/27/17  (28)
Aaron Judge changes first name to Hawaii, rules pitchers must do underhand toss    06/26/17  (25)
Jeez, Escorts really want a lot of background info    06/23/17  (25)
"b-but blockchain technology!" Peterman cried as I chained him to a block    06/27/17  (25)
Why do pumos think anyone gives a fuck what they have to say? Ljl at these gooks    06/26/17  (24)
Explain to me why I'm 5 why anyone would ever actually use Crypto Currency?    06/26/17  (23)
"the Democratic brand had become toxic in much of the country"    06/22/17  (22)
OCI: beard or no-beard    06/21/17  (22)
Were Nazis right?    06/26/17  (21)
So an unemployed Howard grad polices the board every weekend and holiday?    06/26/17  (20)
Anyone here have a hard time connecting with people? I basically have no friends    06/23/17  (20)
what did you score on the MBE    06/25/17  (19)
looking for jobs is incredibly tiring    06/24/17  (18)
how long do you need to study to pass the bar    06/23/17  (18)
Canada already has 4K sports on cable    06/22/17  (18)
Why do national merit scholars rarely become business owners?    06/21/17  (18)
Just realized you can do fake blank bumps    06/21/17  (18)
have to take a bar exam in 4 weeks and haven't studied. should i kill myself    06/25/17  (16)
This 40yo dude looks 26    06/25/17  (16)
Once prestigious message board full of HYS/BIGLAW now JDU/The_Donald hybrid-sad!    06/23/17  (16)
Lol so the vaunted ETH network can't handle 2000 reddit retards trying to buy    06/21/17  (16)
You bros got plans for this summer's total solar eclipse?    06/21/17  (16)
8 dudes have as much wealth as 4 billion people. We need to start killing them    06/27/17  (15)
If Kennedy retires and RGB dies, crazy libs WILL attempt to assassinate justices    06/26/17  (15)
How do I find the email of the GC at Nike    06/25/17  (15)
10 Orange County lawyers charged with workers comp fraud, a felony    06/24/17  (15)
Would you buy this mansion in Mexico for $450,000    06/21/17  (15)
Poll: What was your net worth the day you left biglaw for good?    06/20/17  (15)
SCOTUS denied cert on California carry concealed lawsuit :(    06/26/17  (14)
Is it illegal to pose as a fake homeless man begging for money in CA    06/26/17  (13)
jobs that require you to fill out application are TTT    06/26/17  (12)
Will never understand woman and the urge to constantly use social media    06/26/17  (12)
When I go to the grocery store now I imagine the clerks all have secret lives    06/22/17  (12)
What if media identified jews in financial wrongdoing like they do white men?    06/22/17  (12)
evan39 do you ever go up to Canada? Its a nice drive    06/21/17  (12)
***Official AutoAdmit ETH Suicide Thread***    06/26/17  (11)
Which name should I give my cat: (top 6 ITT)    06/24/17  (11)
I just heard idiot Rush Limbaugh on the radio praising Trump so I called in    06/22/17  (11)
ITT we predict HOW the crypto bubble pops    06/22/17  (11)
Remember Linkin Park? LOLOLOLOLOL    06/27/17  (10)
Got here. If I form baby with Jewish women, will baby be Jewish?    06/27/17  (10)
Orange County government pays top notch salaries    06/24/17  (10)
Peterman -TWERKING- on his bf, panting: "You can do it put your back into it!"    06/26/17  (10)
I think kids' love of Minecraft is a cry for help    06/26/17  (9)
Filecoin and IPFS will be the future of the web    06/25/17  (9)
Human interest story - cuckold husband who knowingly raises wife's 2 lovers kids    06/23/17  (9)
If Heller is a hard "no," then either murkowski or Collins has to vote yes    06/23/17  (9)
Girl I work with got drunk and claimed to be dating coworker she barely knew    06/22/17  (9)
If you were shitlawyer would u advertise on Craigslist    06/22/17  (9)
Kellyanne Conway decimates Jon Ossoff    06/21/17  (9)
wtf were libs thinking nominating a twink Jew in fucking GA?    06/20/17  (9)
Divya Narendra (Indian Chad from FB) marries cute blonde (NY Times)    06/20/17  (9)
Mark Joseph Stern's articles are enraging. How does this person have a job?    06/26/17  (8)
i use COURIER NEW font for correspondence. Prole or prestigious.?    06/26/17  (8)
What's the latest re: Trump and Russia?    06/24/17  (8)
kenny are you at work right now    06/23/17  (8)
nyuug how mad are Cumskins about this White girl marrying an Asian bro shorter    06/25/17  (8)
Fun legal hypo from Talmud law class: How much to charge before giving Heimlich    06/23/17  (8)
You guys can still get into the STATUS ico    06/21/17  (8)
libs, change your platform or never win again    06/21/17  (8)
66 percent of a San Francisco resident's income goes to housing    06/26/17  (7)
LOL so the vaunted Eth network is easily DDOS'd by sending 0 eth transactions    06/26/17  (7)
Health bill will pass w/ amendments. Only holdouts will be heller and murkowski    06/26/17  (7)
Julia filing an "amicus brief" that is just a flipbook of her belly dancing    06/26/17  (7)
Not a "legal guy". Is a 9-0 supreme court decision considered good?    06/26/17  (7)
Sales is a recession proof job    06/26/17  (7)
Been doing tren for 6 weeks, rate my gains (sharklasers)    06/25/17  (7)
Family kills health guide dog do it could be buried with dead blind owner.    06/25/17  (7)
SoCalmos: would u live in Simi Valley? Or choose Irvine/Costa Mesa?    06/24/17  (7)
Marble countertops are PROLE af    06/24/17  (7)
TMF is a fag, but the posters who obsessively spam about him are gigafags    06/24/17  (7)
Women are really into the dressing up and going into fancy office for work thing    06/25/17  (7)
WLMAS what did you do for Father's Day?    06/23/17  (7)
Typical Asians. Asian grading scale below: A=Average B=below average C=can't eat    06/21/17  (7)
evan39 i have prole relatives always borrowing money from my poor grandma    06/21/17  (7)
how defeated will libs feel tomorrow?    06/20/17  (7)
Jews say Steven Spielberg is greatest film producer. It's actually George Lucas    06/20/17  (7)
Seems like Trump Russia thing has died down now? Libs on to something else?    06/26/17  (6)
How the HELL did Malcolm Brogdon win ROY over Embiid?    06/26/17  (6)
Is this what millenial workplaces are like...???    06/26/17  (6)
Career teaching English abroad?    06/26/17  (6)
what are the most and least prestigious asian hairstyles?    06/25/17  (6)
So Watchmen works Loss prevention at Target? How does he afford fur coats?    06/24/17  (6)
GQ faggot assails David Brooks for downplaying Russia hysteria in lengthy screed    06/23/17  (6)
Asian bro with 4.0 applied to 73 different colleges & got rejected by all (link)    06/23/17  (6)
How fucked are you if you have a felony for money laundering & tax evasion    06/22/17  (6)
Barn full of corgi puppies catches fire (sad video)    06/21/17  (6)
at least all the crypto threading is over and we can start talking about the law    06/27/17  (5)
Is this a sybian in the background of this high school girls selfie? (pic)    06/27/17  (5)
XO used to be prestigious, now it is mostly white trash racists. You people are    06/26/17  (5)
Possible to teach abstract thinking?    06/26/17  (5)
Collins a "no" on health bill    06/26/17  (5)
Would you hire someone with a felony conviction of tax evasion?    06/26/17  (5)
Why don't former law clerks EVER shit talk their judges?    06/26/17  (5)
Lib here, Trump is 180. There will never be another republican POTUS. Thanks for    06/26/17  (5)
Bought 40k ETH at 400. Told my wife, she took kids and left. I won't be hearing    06/26/17  (5)
N Harbor Blvd & W Hazard Ave in Orange County, CA = 180 escorts    06/25/17  (5)
anyone trying to study for the bar this weekend instead of going out    06/24/17  (5)
Trump's Lies    06/23/17  (5)
Why does Wapo pick ugly Asian dudes for Date Lab?    06/23/17  (5)
how prestigious is Tony Rackauckas    06/23/17  (5)
evan39 proles are easily tricked out of all their money by scams    06/22/17  (5)
Is "Hard Times" by Paramore the big musical hit of 2017?    06/23/17  (5)
Insulting to get your wife Pilates classes for her birthday??    06/20/17  (5)
This 24yo white girl looks 30    06/27/17  (4)
Ppl who say "there are haves and have nots" are morons    06/26/17  (4)
GEDless blacks making 80,000 at MTA while asian dentists with 0.5 million debt    06/26/17  (4)
The Next Ariana Grande - Isabela Moner    06/25/17  (4)
Why do chubby women look way worse than chubby men?    06/24/17  (4)
Is sales the ultimate GC job? Or is it the most CR job?    06/23/17  (4)
Why are long drives so tiring?    06/23/17  (4)
Amazing fact about Lars Ulrich ITT    06/24/17  (4)
Is it easy to get away with hiding assets/income to get welfare?    06/23/17  (4)
Libs can you explain why you want MS-13 gang members killing people here?    06/22/17  (4)
"Revenge porn" laws are stupid bullshit. Try not being sluts you dumb broads    06/21/17  (4)
Trump tweets that Ossoff's neck looks like a "stack of dimes" (link)    06/20/17  (4)
Do you think those ice bucket challenge videos were a scam made by fetishists?    06/20/17  (4)
20 minutes of xo posting uses less than 1 megabyte of data    06/27/17  (3)
Liberals like to use curse words & demeaning language    06/26/17  (3)
Just saw Donny's car with MCGEORGE SOL license plate in OC (PIC)    06/26/17  (3)
Peterman's lot boss recruiting him for one last big job    06/26/17  (3)
Just had a $6 buy order for ETH go through    06/26/17  (3)
not drinking until the bar exam    06/25/17  (3)
can't transfer eth from coinbase to gdax    06/24/17  (3)
I hate the way ppl with community college degrees write    06/24/17  (3)
End the fed? More like end the JOOZ amirite?    06/23/17  (3)
worth it to subscribe to law crossing?    06/26/17  (3)
DBG I lost an amex dispute today what should I do    06/23/17  (3)
Who'd have thought that libs would ally with muslim terrorists and corporations    06/23/17  (3)
"I am from the government and I am here to help"    06/23/17  (3)
Do you earn cash back rewards when using credit card on coinbase?    06/22/17  (3)
At what level of net worth should you buy your first monster truck?    06/22/17  (3)
What are my chances at landing an E8 firm at OCI?    06/25/17  (3)
Hey uni POTUSes: standing up to SHITLIBS would cause enrollment to skyrocket HTH    06/22/17  (3)
Reminder: GOP has the votes to pass senate bill    06/22/17  (3)
Libs, how does it feel that you are now at the fringes of society?    06/22/17  (3)
Natalies Journey: From Male CEO To Female Trailblazer    06/21/17  (3)