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STICKY: New account requests   03/23/18  (195)
The Intercept: NSA report details RUSSIAN HACKING EFFORT    03/23/18  (87)
lawman8 is the most autistic person to ever post here    03/23/18  (3)
"Living the dream" the phrase    03/23/18  (5)
Everyone in biglaw: "Just livin the dream!"    03/23/18  (3)
ppl at biglaw who say the phrase "living the dream" constantly    03/23/18  (42)
thinking about acquiring 10 pit bulls    03/23/18  (3)
Livin the dream! Heh. I'm being sarcastic. Heh.    03/23/18  (2)
TGIF haha    03/23/18  (2)
Just living the dream!    03/23/18  (2)
"Livin the dream!" "Word!"    03/23/18  (5)
When you ask someone at work how it's going and they say "living the dream"    03/23/18  (5)
FIRST OFF, fuck my ass and the clique you claim    03/23/18  (1)
*squeezes huge shit out of ass* "fuck libs"    03/23/18  (2)
Guys who say "living the dream" = chill fratty bros    03/23/18  (2)
My mollusca colonies are making significant territorial gains against my HPV    03/23/18  (3)
Vox: Closing the testosterone gap    03/23/18  (23)
Living the dream! - joked the wagecuck unflinchingly for the 678th time    03/23/18  (7)
i walk down the street in Brookyln and i have people coming up, kissing my hand    03/23/18  (2)
was chatting with cute coworker, told her I like "women with good skin"    03/23/18  (6)
RATE the new Britney Spears    03/23/18  (3)
Flight attendant staring at RSF's tits "You're going to have to check those in."    03/23/18  (8)
I'm actually 6'4 240lbs. That's what's so funny about all this.    03/23/18  (11)
Rsf taking it on the face. Nothing he can do about it    03/23/18  (2)
"Keep suckin' you fat fuck." -- me to rsf    03/23/18  (14)
Molluscum State University    03/23/18  (1)
"when I got my grad cert from Duke." "Oh cool, my uh, friend, has one from Corne    03/23/18  (2)
Short Quotemo is 180. (((Chandler))) is fucking garbage and should be banned    03/23/18  (29)
We should all give Lawman8 a couple of DRGNs for his work    03/23/18  (1)
Match day mates! Go on the three lions. The referees a wanker: GET IN!    03/23/18  (2)
wait    03/23/18  (1)
Peterman 1.0: plead for job help 2.0: arrogant rich 3.0 pretend to be normal    03/23/18  (6)
peterman referring short quotemo to a "real good enema doc" along route 80    03/23/18  (2)
"this is a TRUE 9-5:30, zero weekends" hissed the recruiter with a forked tongue    03/23/18  (1)
why does this deep state shit happen so SLLOOOOWWWWW?    03/23/18  (8)
British gays used to call cruising "cottaging" bc bathrooms looked like little    03/23/18  (1)
woman in elevator asked if my pit bull bites. I said "its very fucking violent"    03/23/18  (32)
REMINDER: Trump is 180 as FUCK    03/23/18  (29)
Anyone else ever think they can get herpes from taking the subway?    03/23/18  (1)
"This man wants to accept an in-house offer. The salary? $275k." *auidence boos*    03/23/18  (3)
Bring the boy. Bring him forward for his queering so that he may join our just    03/23/18  (1)
Has anyone here ever been on a Cruise? What's the appeal?    03/23/18  (8)
me and tmf letting our pit bulls loose in ur kid's daycare    03/23/18  (27)
if Trump cant even get Bolton to shave the stache,how can he keep him from war?    03/23/18  (1)
Is Obama done here from those wiretaps yet?    03/23/18  (29)
Of course we can be just friends. Uve got nothing to fear. Ill be ur eunuch haha    03/23/18  (4)
Off adderall for about two weeks now    03/23/18  (3)
"short quotemo are you on vacation this week?" "no i've just been on the toilet"    03/23/18  (1)
VIDEO: 180 oral argument by Joe diGenova, newest member of Trump's legal team    03/23/18  (14)
Johnny Appleseed was shitlib as fuck    03/23/18  (21)
$160k all in in-house DC, 9-5:30. how bad?    03/23/18  (8)
Hawt teachers accused of sexing students all have *that* look    03/23/18  (1)
Girl COMMAND I accept naked pics from her (PIC)    03/23/18  (63)
Final shot of GOT is Westeros future: Eunuch, Half-Man, Freed Slave and Woman    03/23/18  (5)
Hapa gook pumette is the shining example of why you shouldnt race mix    03/23/18  (41)
Papoose dead at 75.    03/23/18  (1)
If you were a real man capable of queering your son we wouldnt have to queer him    03/23/18  (2)
David Hogg, Time's 2018 Person of the Year, just got rejected from UCSD    03/23/18  (4)
lol @ having "alts". SHARING ur account is crrrrr fr$iend    03/23/18  (4)
I can completely understand why high school teachers fuck their students    03/23/18  (4)
rhythmic "slacking" noises emanating from the Flying J showers    03/23/18  (10)
disney/youtube actively brainwashing women odd case    03/23/18  (1)
so I managed to join the secret slack... (longmo)    03/23/18  (2)
The powerful will be ripped from their secret slacks and cast out onto the bort    03/23/18  (3)
ZELL MILLER DEAD    03/23/18  (4)
Any Mods Around?    03/23/18  (10)
Ted Olson has never declined to work for a Republican POTUS until Trump lmao    03/23/18  (62)
boomers are starting to realize they're going to die one day soon    03/23/18  (1)
Why does Orange County/Los Angeles keep building 'luxury' apartments?    03/23/18  (11)
Libs, rate these quotes by new Trump legal hire Joe DiGenova    03/23/18  (19)
j shad and assfaggot have a secret gay suicide slack and lie about it here    03/23/18  (23)
Mike Pence's daughter goes to YLS; u: poast    03/23/18  (1)
Orange County and cities launch new steps against sanctuary law    03/23/18  (1)
why do we all hate shortquotemo? didn't he give us FREE DRGN coins?    03/23/18  (6)
MALE birth control pill that SLASHES TESTOSTERONE LEVELS about to come out    03/23/18  (47)
Anyone work in a super siloed organization? People hoard access to CEO/leadershi    03/23/18  (1)
Going to "work" from home today so I can read lawman8 threads.    03/23/18  (12)
Going to QUIT alcohol for at least a month starting Monday. CR?    03/23/18  (30)
I like Jason Mraz too    03/23/18  (1)
Never thought I'd see the day when Libs love Wall Street & the FBI & hate Russia    03/23/18  (9)
What industry are the richest peole you personally know in? Real Estate? Law?    03/23/18  (101)
*gi doc reads shortquotemo test results* *starts LOLLING his ass off*    03/23/18  (3)
al roker straight LOLLING @ shortquotemo's off the charts obesity & incontinence    03/23/18  (3)
Coachella bros, any tips for first time attendees?    03/23/18  (11)
Growing questions about CNN's airport monopoly as network veers left    03/23/18  (3)
Did God bless Jews with the Midas touch or what?    03/23/18  (1)
"takes facebook quiz to find out what dessert topping I am*    03/23/18  (2)
Here's a guide to all my taters (boner police)    03/23/18  (6)
"Trade wars are easy" *loses trade war*    03/23/18  (3)
ISIS gunman in France kills butcher, shoots cop, and holds grocery store hostage    03/23/18  (5)
How to live in the San Francisco Bay Area on $30,000 a year (link)    03/23/18  (5)
Here's a guide to all my haters    03/23/18  (239)
American men are the fattest in the world, study shows    03/23/18  (90)
did Cambridge Analytica hack the US elections? can't keep up    03/23/18  (1)
fulano link to some cr sofas    03/23/18  (1)
Cambridge Analytica is a foreign plot    03/23/18  (1)
fulano, how often do u use the 'bend & snap' in the office?    03/23/18  (1)
why does broccoli make your farts smell REALLY bad?    03/23/18  (1)
You can become a better legal advocate just by wearing lifts.    03/23/18  (6)
Have literally all day to poast and read taking suggestions thanls    03/23/18  (2)
did RSF think he was modern Hemmingway, living in paris writing his "novel" LMAO    03/23/18  (70)
Disturbing Behavior sequel but set in a law firm    03/23/18  (2)
T levels in secular decline. Docs: "let's treat dudes with estrogen pills"    03/23/18  (6)
jfc nobody cares about RSF STOP CREATING/BUMPING THREADS ABOUT HIM    03/23/18  (1)
Australian Hero Politician vows to fast-track white South African farmers    03/23/18  (2)
Guess the Wikipedia (easy)    03/23/18  (10)
RSF at brother's wake: "LJL now I'm def gonna fuck more girls than you bro"    03/23/18  (3)
Writing an Ultratraditionalist (Romantic) Opera about lawman and the secret slac    03/23/18  (3)
If you think your commute is bad, check out what its like in Bangladesh    03/23/18  (21)
We choose to go to the gym in the nude and do the other things, not because they    03/23/18  (2)
Siegfried | lawman8 | Trump    03/23/18  (1)
In Soviet Russia, poison=alcohol    03/23/18  (24)
Apparently shortquotemo is blind    03/23/18  (3)
"Oh he's got experience in legal research"    03/23/18  (7)
The Poast (2018): Streep and Hanks publishing evidence of crypto slack    03/23/18  (2)
TFM's Instagram Babe of the Day is mandatory ogling    03/23/18  (345)
Let's discuss the role of eunuchs in historical empires    03/23/18  (24)
Rate this porn scene, in which Darren James contracts HIV    03/23/18  (16)
so it turns out lawman8 wasn't acting like a total nutcase after all?    03/23/18  (28)
I have a callback at diGenova & Toensing - prestigious?    03/23/18  (2)
What do you do with a drunken sailor?    03/23/18  (2)
lawman bleeding bloodacre's corpse dry across an acre of land    03/23/18  (1)
How can GOD condemn people to burn for longer than the life of a star?    03/23/18  (10)
Imagine being a Bulgarian gypsy and finding your bride at a bride market    03/23/18  (9)
STICKY: All posters who obfuscated the secret slack will be banned.    03/23/18  (1)
Lawman8: i know you are pissed at me. But if you find yourself in NJ, look me up    03/23/18  (65)
what really upsets me about slackgate is that I thought we were all friends    03/23/18  (10)
So, what did Cambridge Analytica actually do?    03/23/18  (124)
Decided to stop drinking half a bottle of scotch per night    03/23/18  (10)
Fat girls have great personalities and this is a fact    03/23/18  (5)
Ragnus, rate this 30 y/o Fob Asian girl I've been talking to (DTP)    03/23/18  (37)
Thoughts on the secret slack for lawyers?    03/23/18  (1)
all right bitches, going to Nola Restaurant    03/23/18  (24)
DBG: I challenge you to a boxing match. Loser leaves the board forever    03/23/18  (34)
Rach needs to start selling these storylines to WWE    03/23/18  (3)
ussr skater Alina just replied to my tweet "hello mr fancy biglaw man    03/23/18  (30)
Black Comedian Byron Allen Buys the Weather Channel for $300 Million    03/23/18  (6)
Boards thoughts on Instagram Bimbo Chloe Khan? (SFW Pics)    03/23/18  (9)
*holding reuben* "Impressive. Very nice. Let's see Paul Allen's sandwich."    03/23/18  (27)
So did the slack get exposed already?    03/23/18  (2)
Looking to hire a hitman    03/23/18  (4)
Lawman8 vindicated: I was wrong about the secret slack    03/23/18  (12)
Politico: Trump can't find any lawyer in America willing to take McGahn's jerb    03/23/18  (2)
Are zuckerberg and other valley fags realizing their creation is evil    03/23/18  (4)
i've made five figures already thanks to crypto slack. lawman8, peterman, u? LJL    03/23/18  (11)
what was the admissions rate to the secret slack? was it like getting into t14?    03/23/18  (3)
Lets see Byron Allens weather channel    03/23/18  (1)
How the hell is Byron Allen worth $400,000,000?    03/23/18  (1)
Watchmen, this lawman-bloodacre feud has gone on too long    03/23/18  (25)
Healthcare informatics cr?    03/23/18  (1)

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