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STICKY: New account requests   06/13/18  (215)
I am ready to sweat my fealty to our Russian masters    07/15/18  (6)
Gombe Chimpanzee Civil War (1974 to 1978) (link)    07/15/18  (6)
After Weekend Of Mixed Emotions, Lawyer & Tennis Fan Takes His Life (NYT)#tennis    07/15/18  (2)
i miss her so much    07/15/18  (22)
remember when Mitsubishi tried to market itself to shithead ravers?    07/15/18  (2)
THEE Red Dawn    07/15/18  (1)
ITT: The Voluminous Upsides of the Red Dawn    07/15/18  (1)
Trumpmos: how worried are you about the midterms?    07/15/18  (3)
Here's My Wimbledon BRACKET (PIC) #tennis    07/15/18  (17)
i always knew lawman8 was an idiot    07/15/18  (21)
Beta Djoker Gives KATE A Handshake, Not Hug & Kiss #tennis    07/15/18  (5)
KimDotCom: Mueller's hiring of prosecutor means Seth Rich evidence cant be ignor    07/15/18  (4)
/*\ /*\ dailystormer reveals candidate who worked with guccifer 2.0 /*\ /*\    07/15/18  (11)
Xo 100% jumping the shark right now    07/15/18  (4)
Going to dinner 20 min away - drive or uber? there is free parking, uber $15    07/15/18  (17)
aphex twin - windowlicker.mp3    07/15/18  (1)
What are male shrews like?    07/15/18  (7)
pic of Franzen in Cat in the Hat hat, attending 1994 rave    07/15/18  (3)
Djoker Likely Into The WTF For A Chance To Increases His Slams+ Count #tennis    07/15/18  (5)
Oslo Norway Police admit they've lost control of the city (link)    07/15/18  (27)
PMac: "Let's Wait" On GOAT Hierarchy Of Federer > Lance > Djoker #tennis    07/15/18  (4)
Just started watching Joel Osteen videos--really enjoying them so far because    07/15/18  (6)
Obama will be DONE HERE as a result of the wiretaps    07/15/18  (706)
remember when this kind of music was everywhere in like '98 - 2001?    07/15/18  (1)
that painting of emma watson getting her asshold blown out haunted my dreams    07/15/18  (32)
Seattle Mariners in 1st place, 3rd best record in MLB. YNY    07/15/18  (23)
They had the Wimbledon and World Cup final on same day? Flame?    07/15/18  (2)
The Trump campaign conspired with the Russians who had Seth Rich killed?    07/15/18  (1)
Elon Musk calls British rescue diver a "pedo guy"    07/15/18  (41)
Very sad what's happened to libs in recent years; mental illness everywhere    07/15/18  (1)
xo "cool kids" stuffing lawman8 in a locker    07/15/18  (12)
life is so meaningless    07/15/18  (21)
Emma Watson grew her hair back. She's fuckable again. 180.    07/15/18  (19)
*corporate slave french-kissing his hand to practice for tonight's tinder date*    07/15/18  (32)
Basic WWII questions    07/15/18  (10)
Don't write characters of other races. That's cultural appropriation.    07/15/18  (5)
Just got back from gym . Lost 1 lbs. PIC    07/15/18  (29)
snapchat now recommending tranny pornstars in 'discover' section    07/15/18  (14)
Elon Musk calls XO poster prince a "pedo guy"    07/15/18  (2)
Love him or hate him, Lawman8 is most influential poaster on XO today    07/15/18  (17)
Deval Patrick is getting ready to run in 2020    07/15/18  (6)
end of season spoiler: DTP and evan39 hook up    07/15/18  (1)
How many of these kids do you think are doing time?    07/15/18  (1)
Are pepperoni and donuts the 2 most unhealthy foods in existence?    07/15/18  (13)
Hypo: You are born into a white working class family with a 170 IQ    07/15/18  (37)
i don't have anyone i can relate to.    07/15/18  (14)
Favorite town in Connecticut to go recharge for a few months?    07/15/18  (14)
What type of posters do you think you relate to the most?    07/15/18  (1)
University of Minnesota proposes tranny pronoun policy    07/15/18  (15)
*6'4 otaku dorks running train on ur waifu pillow in a '93 civic*    07/15/18  (24)
Asian, African migrants living in Russia play soccer on Red Square    07/15/18  (1)
sporTTT from now until college football kickoff will be unbearable    07/15/18  (3)
"smells like ducksauce!" Said the cumskin who smells like ketchup    07/15/18  (7)
evan39: are you jealous that DVP gets to spurt in some twink's ass at will?    07/15/18  (1)
FYI: Your future wife vividly remembers her greatest lay, and it wasn't you    07/15/18  (3)
Reminder while you stand for the Nat'l Anthem, GC has cut away to commercials    07/15/18  (4)
When exactly did Russians take over xo? Must have been before the election    07/15/18  (8)
"A Handmaid's Tale"...what is this cringe inducing shitlib garbage?    07/15/18  (4)
looksmaxxing is really the only activity that actually matters    07/15/18  (2)
Do you know any white guys who are more alpha than black guys?    07/15/18  (2)
luis, i'll pay you to come saw my head off as i look at binance    07/15/18  (14)
Joel Osteen is a CIA operative (link)    07/15/18  (1)
Rahm CRANKS UP THE HEAT; authorizes slaying of woman during carjacking:    07/15/18  (10)
Amazing how libs became evil incarnate    07/15/18  (8)
Medical guidelines declared class enemies, to be memory holed.    07/15/18  (5)
Anybody know the thread w/ a link to the    07/15/18  (2)
Just had sex with a man, regret it and feel disgusted w/ myself    07/15/18  (294)
Now libs are protesting the shooting of an armed black man reaching for a gun?    07/15/18  (3)
Hey Ragnus, any updates on your gf's weight / eating habits? (DTP)    07/15/18  (8)
:D's Jacksock & Mike Bryan Win Wimbledon #tennis    07/15/18  (3)
NIGGER Serena Consoled By NIGGER Markle At Wimbledon #tennis    07/15/18  (1)
Sacha Baron Cohen gets Republicans to endorse arming preschoolers    07/15/18  (17)
Nigger privilege is out of control, needs to be checked    07/15/18  (1)
Google doc of tech compensation    07/15/18  (1)
How do you do, fellow niggers?    07/15/18  (7)
~{#BarExam}~ Official Bar Exam Discussion and MBE Question Thread ~{#BarExam}~    07/15/18  (140)
Anybody here grow up in San Fernando Valley, CA?    07/15/18  (4)
Jerry Seinfeld is a dick Exhibt A:    07/15/18  (9)
Donald Trump will bend the knee to Vladimir Putin tomorrow in Helsinki, Finland    07/15/18  (3)
yeah i thought that guy sucked until he put real moniker in the e-mail tag    07/15/18  (8)
what is the most alpha brand of pancake mix?    07/15/18  (24)
do you think elon musk fucks in the space shuttle?    07/15/18  (1)
Al Pacino tearfully apologizing for calling Spacey you fairy! in Glengarry Gle    07/15/18  (60)
Just ordered some Reishi Mushroom powder - anyone tried it?    07/15/18  (2)
Fuck this place I'm out    07/15/18  (2)
The guy who killed the Indian guy in Kansas City shot 3 cops today:    07/15/18  (5)
I said the real favor, follow my advice and fire your fuckin' ass    07/15/18  (5)
Is Sophia Chua Rubenfeld's daughter a conservative?    07/15/18  (3)
all "Anti-War" protesters in Ken Burn's "Vietnam" are jews    07/15/18  (15)
Trumptards are slowlyturning on him.Hillary 2020 is a given at this point people    07/15/18  (5)
Hey guys come dick ride me ITT (CSLG)    07/15/18  (51)
Tommy Turdskin Reenacting Thai Cave Rescue With Inebriated Ladyboy    07/15/18  (1)
Putin needed an umbrella while alpha female Croat president got soaked    07/15/18  (1)
Angelique Kerber - Hot or Not?    07/15/18  (14)
5 appointees (Mattis, Coats, Bolton, Rosenstein, Wray) to Trump/Putin: game's up    07/15/18  (8)
Novak Djokovic currently holds zero titles lmao #tennis    07/15/18  (14)
   07/15/18  (4)
I just put 1k on Anderson over Djokovic in the Finals at 5:1    07/15/18  (6)
CLEAR body cam footage from Chicago police shooting but protesters don't care    07/15/18  (9)
Prole tell: Having a bedfame that includes some storage component    07/15/18  (5)
Car insurance rates keep going up, seems like a fucking scam    07/15/18  (8)
Scary story abt NJ hospital waving Russian agents into US like 3rd base coach    07/15/18  (88)
prole tell: having subterranean bedrooms    07/15/18  (7)
Ocasio-Cortez is a "Community Organizer" turned politician (NYT)    07/15/18  (5)
Melania with incredible outfit coordination.    07/15/18  (7)
about to fail the california bar taking Q's    07/15/18  (78)
Welp, Watching "BARFLY" for the 80 millionth time. It's on Amazon Prime now.    07/15/18  (7)
Would you fuck any of these hot nurses! Rate them    07/15/18  (14)
thai boys who can't swim: escape from flooded cave. fmr nhl goalie: dies in pool    07/15/18  (3)
Asian bro wins WSOP main event and $8.8 million    07/15/18  (3)
Most 180 Trump Moment: "Nobody respects women more than I do"    07/15/18  (2)
What are the downsides with owning a German Shepherd    07/15/18  (115)
Are any players on the "French" soccer team actually French?    07/15/18  (6)
libcrusher is actually an effeminate twink IRL    07/15/18  (7)
This place was created in 2004 due to banning on PR and allaire forums    07/15/18  (76)
Obeezy temporarily out of retirement to remind you shitcons hrc will win    07/15/18  (256)
Rich LA teen girl tries to jump in pool but slips & cracks head open (liveleak)    07/15/18  (9)
You couldve done anything all along but listened to the haters    07/15/18  (2)
Nobody cares about this Russian hacking bullshit    07/15/18  (10)
Reset your routers now. it's not a flame. Doobs just crawled out of my toilet    07/15/18  (3)
Ocasio-Cortez turning away robotic Asians from her cantina; "We don't serve    07/15/18  (1)
Libs: overlook all the crime Muslims & blacks commit b/c they can kick a futbol    07/15/18  (1)
The Texas Western basketball championship was 180    07/15/18  (2)
The musk thing is hilarious. Funny that "lives in Thailand" is an insult against    07/15/18  (1)
Ocazia-Cortez is an hispanic identitarian, not a 'socialist'    07/15/18  (63)
San Francisco shit map    07/15/18  (21)
Is blood sugar over 2000 prestigious?    07/15/18  (1)
Its all out there for you    07/15/18  (1)
What if Jerry Brown had won the Dem Nomination in 1992?    07/15/18  (1)
California has the most white ppl in it of any state. Which state is SECOND?    07/15/18  (29)
What is the point of Obeezys life?    07/15/18  (10)
Question for liberals: Is Diversity Croatias strength?    07/15/18  (5)
Feral hog: Locates delicious truffles in woods. ur gf: Eats 20 Lindt truffles    07/15/18  (28)
UNLV pres: Since whites can't understand minorities, grading them is unfair.    07/15/18  (1)
Women = BIRD BRAINS. Showing ASS in public, instagram OBSESSED    07/15/18  (7)
Lol at thinking you cant make it... all kinds of idiots are    07/15/18  (1)
where do you live    07/15/18  (27)
what did schnatter say    07/15/18  (3)
"I apologize for saying the word nigger"    07/15/18  (13)
watched a couple osteen videos. pretty good. more of a motivational speaker th    07/15/18  (2)
Joel Osteen flipping your future wife's labia: "Just look at this."    07/15/18  (2)
Feral hogs: Efficient, natural bowel movements. Ur gf: Opioid poopgut, IBS    07/15/18  (16)
California Dems endorsed Kevin de Leon for Senate over Diane Feinstein    07/15/18  (16)

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